Adsense Hints and Tips.

Are you a Website owner, Blogger, Hubber, Game Website creator, YouTube Video Creator etc?

Do you earn good money using Google adsense on your sites?

Whether you do or don't you should read this below.

An enormous amount of money is generated through Google advertising where by Google pay online entrepreneurs that work with Adsense.

Adsense Hints and Tips offers online entrepreneurs, Website designers, Bloggers, Hubbers, Video creators and Game creators that intergrate Google Adsense the chance to come together and offer each other hints and tips. If you do run Websites, Blogs etc and not using Google adsense then you should think about it. Take a look at the advertising on this page. I earn revenue from these advertisments and you can too.

If you have a Website or Blog then why not rent part of it out to Google. If it passes their criterior then Google pass on advertisors to your Website and when visitors click on their advert links on your website then you get paid.

Think of it this way with a bit of work you can generate a weekly income of €100.
If 1000 people in Ireland were doing this that would create an extra €100,000 being spent WEEKLY within the country.

This isn't rocket science,  This is us offering excellent Websites, Blogs, Hubs etc that we can say to Google 'Hey look at my Website. I think it's good enough for your advertisors'.

This blog is a way of adding your Website and also allowing others to view and allowing users to share hints or tips on Adsense, Keywords, Search Engine Optimizer, Advertising Placement etc.

I use Google adsense on my Websites and Blogs. It's a fantastic way to earn a good second income.  You have to offer value for money and follow Googles guidelines but they help you once your accepted by offering an easy to use panel and plenty of hints and tips along the way.

Take a look at the links above. Start at the first link and follow my advice through each link.

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