Earn Money-Step 1

Right now we are currently going through the worst recession this generation has ever known! Every day we are constantly bombarded with media messages like 'More job cuts - Higher taxes - Welfare cuts - Wage cuts - Rising Fuel costs - Morgage hikes' etc. The vast majority of the country {as in any country} will accept this and scrimp and scrape and do without necessities in order to make ends meet.

A recession is also a fantastic chance to earn money.. Why? Because we now have to face the challenges of thinking outside the box when it comes to making enough money to live day to day and this is one I want to teach you. Don't waste time looking for 'get rich schemes' as there are no such thing. All they want is your money. I don't want money all I want is for you to follow my lessons {and maybe tell your family and friends about this site}

I will show you a way you can generate a nice income working from home using your pc and what's more...It's 100% tax free! This isn't a 'get rich quick scheme' or 'filling in surveys for €100's a day' this is using your head and working for one of the largest companies in the world from the comfort of your armchair!

I'm Jimmy McCarthy and I run websites and blogs that generate a handsome weekly return for a couple of hours work a week and I want to show how you, the people of Ireland can do the same. Take yourself through each lesson and carefully read each step until you have your very own website or blog earning you money. I am fully contactable and will reply to any help you may need.

People around the world are earning 5 figure sums monthly working with Google.

Google adsense is the way forward! You put the work in and Google reward you with a lovely cheque through your letterbox.

You can make money online and by following my lessons I will show you how to go about it.

There has been a lot of interest lately in Google Adsense. Clients are wondering what the pros are of using the Adsense service, so for your convenience we shall list a few below. If you are unsure what Adsense is; it is in short, a Google developed system that allows you to manage Google sponsored (Adwords) ads which are being shown on your website.

Why Adsense?

It’s Easy to Setup and Get Started Most ad networks require a minimum traffic level before you can join, and the application and setup process can be a pain. AdSense, on the other hand, can be used even on small websites, and it has very few restrictions regarding where you can use it.

Huge Number of Advertisers AdSense is by far the advertising network with the largest amount of advertisers. This means that you’ll get your units filled with ads pretty much every single time a visitor comes to your site. On many other ad networks this is not true, and your earnings tend to get negatively affected.

Ads Are Really Targeted Most advertising networks claim to only display ads that will match the content of your site, but few actually do it. This is connected with the previous point. In order to be able to display targeted ads the network must have a huge collection of ads to choose from, and most networks don’t have it.

You Can Monetize Global Traffic Another problem with most ad networks is that they tend to focus on US traffic. Some will pay pennies for impressions coming from outside the US, and others will not pay at all. If 50% or more of your traffic comes from other countries, you can guess that you’ll be losing money. It’s true that on Google AdSense you also have some advertisers targeting US traffic exclusively, but there just as many targeting visitors from other countries and parts of the world.

The Earnings Are Pretty Good I have seen ad networks that occasionally offered very high eCPMs (i.e., how much you actually earn for each page view on your site) but on average AdSense tends to beat most networks. Another advatange is that AdSense earnings tend to be consistent all over the year (and over the years), while the rates you’ll get from CPM networks vary both with the season and with the overall economic climate.

The Ads Blend Well Some people don’t like text links, but I think they are actually less intrusive than flashy banner ads, and it’s possible to integrate them with the design of your website without making it look ugly. Some time ago AdSense started working with banner and video ads as well, but most of the ones you see around look very professional too.

Payments Are Always on Time I had my share of problems trying to receive the money ad networks owed me. Sometimes they would pay 30 or 60 days late, other times they would pay only half of the money I was supposed to receive. With Google AdSense I never had a problem in this regard. The payment is always sent directly to my bank account at the end of every month, and the amount is always accurate.

There is no doubt that Google Adsense is a great tool and has the potential to generate extra income for webmasters, the only decision you have to make is whether it is right for you. By following each lesson above I will show you how to get FREE webspace and start working with Google.