Earn Money-Step 4

Working with Google OK, So now you have signed up with blogger for your free blog webspace and you have signed up with Google to show their adverts on your blog what next. Go to your blogger section 'Monetize'. Because you are now logged into blogger this will automaticaly take you into the adsense advertising settings. Spend a bit of time looking at the different types of adverts. Try and go for adverts that match your blog as these are the adverts tend to work best. It's very easy to navigate the advertising section.

Once you are happy with it ok it. I just need to point out at this stage some Google guidelines:

Do not click on your own google ads via your website and not to encourage your friends, family or other viewers to click on your google adsense ads! This is fraud and Google will not stand for it. They also run reports on who clicks their own ads and will disable your account and you forfeit any money earned!

Do not display more than 3 google ads per page!

Do not tamper with the google ad code that google provides for you.

Add Good quality content to your site, your Google Adsense ads will relate to your content. Place your Ads at the right places on your website (on the top potion of your website).
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