Earn Money-Step 3

Ok, so now you have signed up for a blog account the best thing to do now is think of something you could write about. A blog is a webpage or series of webpages that you want to attract people to and want them to keep coming back. You could write about anything and here's a few ideas:- SOCCER - RUGBY - GAA - POLITICS - GARDENING - MOTORCARS - MOTORBIKES - TRAVEL - YOUR COMMUNITY - YOUR TOWN OR CITY - DIY...The list is endless!!!

Spend a bit of time getting used to the blogger dashboard {you don't need to be a computer whiz}.Engage your friends and other web users by adding your comments. Design your blog using the easy to use templates with numerous different designs, fonts and colours.

Update your blog using your mobile phone and even go to 'settings - email and mobile' tab that will let other user view your new blog on their mobile device.

Remember, you want to write or put together a blog that people want to come back to. Keep it updated and allow other users to add comments to it. Add a few photo's pictures and/or videos to keep visitors on your blog.

When you apply to Google you are 'selling them your site', in other words you want them to look at it and say 'yes, we would like to advertise on your blog'. When you have done this you need to click http://www.Google.com/adsense and sign up for an account.
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